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Arnaud Rebotini’s new focus and determination has seen his star rise over the last few months, with numerous remixes, 2 new EP’s and a new album called ‘Someone Gave Me Religion’.

He was the frontman to Blackstrobe, when that eventually petered out he begun to make music under his real name Arnaud Rebotini.

Releasing this week on his newly formed Blackstobe records it might seem that his new album is full of nostalgia as he reaches for the vintage synths and drum machines, and to extent this is true, but the type of music he makes is very now. It’s fresh and exciting and if your loving the acid revival of the last 12 months it’s a must buy.

The CD opens with a spooky and enchanting ‘The First 13 Mintutes of Love’ which as you might have twigged is a 13 minute marathon intro that showcases what the CD is all about, there’s no pop hooks, silly synths or vocals – just a demonic tapestry of live synths that paints a dark and mysterious picture in your mind. It’s French electronic music at its finest – no compromises.

‘Another Time, Another Place’ harps back to the quirky techy house of Blackstrobe’s past – there’s plently of nu-acid synths, simple percussion and overarching bass lines – it’s Rebotini at his best and it reminded us of ‘Italian Fireflies’ which is a good thing for the purists.

We’d expect this album to played in full for his new live show, and if this is true you are in for a real treat.

Early favourites include ‘Personal Dictator’ we can safely say that no-one is making music like this at the moment, it’s so brash and effects-driven it almost sounds like Siriusmo on acid – a track that almost sounds like it was made with hardware, in one take, a truly refreshing sound.

‘Another Dictator’ sounds like it’s the direct dessendant of Blackstrobe’s remix of Tiefshwarz’s ‘Ghost Track’ – this essentially means it is amazing.

‘Echoes’ nods to fellow melancholy techno purist Trentemoller and we have no doubt will be a great track to finish his new live show – we can just a imagine a sweaty crowd swaying to beat of Rebotini’s new material.

Arnaud shows that his sound and passion for caustic electronic music is still relevant as it ever was and ‘All You Need Is Techno’ is a prime example of this, TR 909 drums, crazy acid hooks are all brought together with a pounding bass and kicks’.

The CD finishes on high with the energetic electro number ‘Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Response’ – if Soulwax made techno – it would sound like this – a stunning track.

Arnaud Rebotini’s return to form is one of the best things of 2011 and with his new album he does it his way, he hasn’t jumped on any bandwagons – he’s just got his favourite hardware out and made something coherent and refreshing – sure it will be too much for most, but for us it’s amazing and he deserves to be praised for this.

HBF Rating 8/10

Out now.

Someone Gave Me Religion Minimix – Arnaud Rebotini – May 2011 by Blackstrobe Records

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.