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We have to admit we kinda ignored Feed Me, not for any particular reason, maybe we were just being stupid, but this stupidity ends today.

Over the last year he’s been banging out the tracks, and he’s just dropped some clips of his latest EP ‘Feed Me To The Stars’

First up is ‘Too The Stars’ a proper club cut, but thankfully not a house dubstep forced marriage, well just not yet, it just good ‘ol fashioned electro house.

To the Stars by youfeedme

Next up, we have ‘Strange Behaviour’ this does marry electro glitch, dubstep and a female vocal, but with a healthy dollop of 8bit synths, he shows that you can make dubstep that doesn’t sound pap. Judge for yourself.

Strange Behaviour feat. Tasha Baxter by youfeedme

He continues his blend of electro step’ with ‘Pink Lady’ but with all of Feed Me’s tracks the production prowess shines through irrelevant of genre.

Pink Lady by youfeedme

And to finish EP he drops ‘Chain Smoker’ a proper banger in every sense of the word, it has 320 b’s written all over it, but it’s so well produced all is forgiven. 320 banger producers take note, this is how it should be done.

Chain Smoker by youfeedme


Andrew Rafter

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