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By Siriusmo’s own admission music isn’t the most important thing in his life – it’s not often that you get a producer who say’s just that, Siriusmo is not a DJ and rarely plays live. He locks himself in a little music cave somewhere in Berlin and experiments, breaks the rules and most importantly isn’t making music for other producers or DJ’s – he does it as a form of artwork – an artist in the purest sense. No limitations and no restrictions.

His debut LP has had quite a long gestation, and he’s been a pariah in dance music for years, releasing tracks through numerous labels, but only now has he dedicated time to producing an album for Modeselecktor’s Monkey Town Records.

The concept behind ‘Mosaik’ is an easy one to decipher; it’s in the name – a patchwork of electronic music that cannot be pigeonholed or placed into one specific genre – from dubstep to disco, hip-hop to house, electro to experimental.

It’s so all over the place it’s a difficult first listen, not in a bad way, but there’s so much going on across the 17 tracks it takes a few listens for the whole thing to come together. His work is incomparably diverse, with it never being in danger of ever being involved in a four-on-the-floor snooze-fest. Indeed, it’s  premeditated hodgepodge of styles, composite sonic totality and rugged textures.

The opening salvos are poles apart and showcases Siriusmo’s unique ability in bringing multiple genres together in a way that shouldn’t work in the real world – ‘High Together’ – a industrial take funky disco -– is not a million miles away from the sort of sample based music Mylo was famed for all those years ago, layered with multiple vocal samples and textures throughout – it’s a standout track for us.

‘Feronomikon’ and  ‘Sirimande’ take the whole thing up a notch, ‘Feronomikon’ needs no explanation – a pumping electro track that has been tearing up dance floors the world over – ‘Sirande’ is different beast entirely part dubstep/gabba it’s full of off-key synths centred around a deep bass sometimes thumping, sometimes not. Spluttering and jittering from start to finish – throw in a lovely jazzy breakdown and it oozes originality.

For every drop of dancefloor sweat, there’s a soothing breeze to cool down to. The frolicked electronics of the title track, balmy chords of ‘Einmal in der Woche Schreien’ and searing P Funk of ‘Good Idea’ make Mosaik an album as well equipped to soundtrack a sunset strut as an early-morning club crack-on.

Moments of beautiful deep melody are coupled with twisted samples and hell bent bass – ‘Good Idea’ is a perferct example. Towards the more experimental side come tracks like ‘Feed My Meatmachine’ and ‘Goldene Kugel’

Other highs come from the insanely dramatic and melancholy finish of ‘Lass Den Vogel Frei’ impossibly weird and wonderful. A track that has to be heard, to be believed.

We fell head over heals for the whole thing, it references all the best parts of music from the last 30 years, with a nod to artists like Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and Justice. But it’s not a homage; he drags these elements kicking and screaming into the 21st century and the whole CD comes off a like this – the references almost sit uneasily together – but he makes it work in way that is rarely seen.

Throw in a secret track several minutes after the CD has finished and you got an album that really does break all the rules – but in a good way. Mosaik is certainly one the most original pieces of electronic dance music you’ll probably hear all year and is certainly early an contender for album of the year.

HBF 10/10

Siriusmo took 2 minutes out of his busy schedule to answer our burning 20 – we wanted to know about his name, what his mum thinks of his music and most importantly – whether he prefers croisaants or sausages. Let’s dive into the mind of Siriusmo.

HBF: What’s your favorite swear word? English or German?

Verfickte scheisse (Such a fucking shit) for those of you who didn’t pay attention in German lessons.

HBF: What’s your worst vice?

Smoking Smoking Smoking.

HBF: What does you mum think of your music?

“..are you not too old for that?!..”

HBF: What’s the story behind your name?

Sirius = star

mo = nickname of Moritz

HBF: What’s your worst fashion secret?

It’s not a secret, just look at me.

HBF: Where’s a good place for breakfast in Berlin?

The zoo

HBF: Where the best place to buy music in Berlin?

Oye Records in the Oderberger street. And for hip hop vinyl Friedrichhain, And a lot others too.

HBF: Which do you prefer East Berlin or West?

I grew in the East, but I like my whole city to be honest.

HBF: What’s the best thing about where you’re live?


HBF: What was the last CD you listened to?

Prince buster

HBF: What was the last CD you bought?

Phil – Live

HBF: What’s your favourite drink?


HBF: When Mosaik sells millions what’s the first thing you’ll buy?

more coffee

HBF: Which do you prefer? French music or German ?


HBF: How would you describe your work in 5 words ?






HBF: Which do you prefer Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra ?


HBF: The Beattles or Beach Boy’s ?

Ahhhh that’s really hard too… both.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you could save one thing what would it be ?

My muppets poster

HBF: What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s ever given you?

Stop that!

HBF: Croissants or Sausages ?

Sausages with croissants.

So there you have it, Siriusmo means Star Mo – he loves coffee with a sausage’s and croissant’s and if he set fire to his studio after smoking too much – he’d risk his life for his beloved Muppets Poster. Amazing.

Siriusmo’s album is out on February 25th for Europe and March 1st for North America – make sure you get a copy because ‘Mosaik’ has to be heard to be believed.

“Mosaik” (MTR10) by Siriusmo

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.