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Retro/Grade have been gaining a reputation as the go-to-guys for Italo disco house, consisting of the Tom Neville and Serge Santiago they are about to release their first album following off the back of massive tracks like ‘Moda’ and ‘Escape Sequence’.

It’s not too airy fairy, it has a real textured industrial quality, marrying 80’s raw synths with clever percussion and some unique sounding vocals – we had no problem falling head over heels for Retro’s Grade unique 21st century italo.

‘Mindfighter’ is a sweet balance between more musical disco and industrial dance music, throw in a decent vocal and some sample wizardry and you’ve got a really good sample of to expect from the full LP. A really good opening track.

01 – Retro Grade – Mindfighter by Retro/Grade

We all know and love ‘Moda’ everything that you could possibly want from a Italo track, over-the-top synths, repetitive rhythms and a deep cutting bass.

02 – Retro Grade – Moda by Retro/Grade

‘Lost’ is a proper italo homage, more the sort of track you’d associate with our favourite synth lover Rex The Dog – it has a rather clever vocoded vocal and a titanic break – all in all a great track.

03 – Retro Grade – Lost by Retro/Grade

Retro Grade’s ‘Reset’ has a mesmerising vocal that takes centre stage off the back some lovely synth work – ‘Reset’ will no doubt be the sort of track that takes centre stage in their Live DJ Shows.

04 – Retro Grade – Reset by Retro/Grade

And to finish we have ‘Escape Sequence’ a stunning low-end piano sample makes up the basis of the track, overall this is probably our favourite.

05 – Retro Grade – Escape Sequence by Retro/Grade

So having heard half the LP we come to the conclusion they’re half way to making something that can easily be comparable to other notable disco albums from Aeroplane, Mylo, Rex The Dog and Grum – if the other half holds up just as well they’re definitely on to a winner. We’ll know soon as the album coming out in a couple of months on Deconstruction Records.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.