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Now if we were to tell you that someone has done a remix of Air’s classic track “La Femme d’Argent”, you would be reaching for your pitchfork or burning torch, right? Well, Pyramid a young French producer has done just that, a brave decision, messing with Air is essentially sacrilege, but were glad to report that this 20-year-old unknown has done a stunning rendition.

It immediately reminded us of Lttle Loud’s production, serene, soft and measured – for a 20-year-old who make music in his spare time – this is enough to annoy, how can someone be so good, so young – obviously some people have it and some don’t – it’s safe to say the Pyramid has it in abundance.

Air – La Femme d’Argent (Pyramid Remix) by Pyramidhall

Grab here.

He’s also given us the keys to his Soundcloud so we could choose some tracks to post, not an easy selection, but be sure to go there and have a real good rummage around as there’s sure to be lot that you will enjoy.

Next up, we have the analog wonder that is “Dual” plodding and catchy – it’s a lovely, simple track, it’s quite obvious that in Pyramid’s world less is more.

Dual by Pyramidhall

Grab here.

His track “Behind You” is a stirring electrorchestral piece, we go as far saying that Pyramid quite likes Hans Zimmer, the dude who “apparently” ghost wrote the Tron album and also did Inception’s soundtrack. Imagine if Pyramid had kidnapped Zimmerman and force him to make music with him, and there you’ve got Pyramid. Oh, he’s also done a remix of the Inception theme too. More on that later.

Behind You by Pyramidhall

Gran here.

Following on from the Zimmer reference he’s done his own homage to Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack, check it below.

Legacy by Pyramidhall

Grab here.

And to finish, we’ve got a stream of his Inception remix. Impressive stuff. And he’s only 20. And by all accounts his worst produced track (according to him) – he mentioned that is considering doing a 2.0 version. Hopefully it will happen.

Inception by Pyramidhall

And a cheeky after thought.

V Comes by Pyramidhall

Grab here.


Also, for those of you who speak French check his blog too http://www.youarehere.fr/.

Andrew Rafter

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