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We imagine Belgium to be a lot like England, except instead of lamp shades, they have disco balls, and they wear terrible Christmas knit-wear all year round. We’d like to go to Belgium, but we wouldn’t want to spoil our utopian ideal. So we’ll just imagine it as a magical disco ball in Europe, where they eat Belgian waffles and drink strawberry beer.

They’ve made a new Christmas mix, full of mirror-ball madness – we like it and that means you should too. They have new EP out soon, and it sounds ace. Check out the sample streams below.

MUSTANG MIXTAPE DECEMBER 10 by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks

Mustang are from Belgium, and surprisingly they play disco music, their a bit like Aeroplane and Villa – but a bit more retro. This is their best mix by some way, expect more from this duo in 2011.

Mustang Apocalypso Preview by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks

Mustang Dick Reverse Preview by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks

Andrew Rafter

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