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We featured London producer Blak Nite a month or two ago and we were blown away by his glitchy industrial take on electro. So it’s no surprise that he’s about to unleash his first EP on the 29 November, through Tangled Talk Records.

The opening salvo starts of as if you were dropped slap-bang in the middle of H G Well’s “War of the Worlds”; haunting horns blow out to let you know that you are in the world of Blak Nite, and these extraterrestrial themes discharge from every corner of his EP from start to finish.

The opening track “Introduciton” brings you in gently, off-key beats and haunting synths unsettle the listener, but it’s a measured start.

Blak Nite – Introduction by Mr HBF

The second track “Hyde” is where it starts to take shape, a fuller more mechanised track with pulsing synths and jarring beats surge to make a track that sounds a lot like early fidgety classic,  “Ross Ross Ross” by SebastiAn.

Blak Nite – Hyde by Mr HBF

New track “Warhol” pulses and jitters with the opening bass-lines, then out of nowhere the beat drops into a pool of distortion. All the noises unify to make a really good thumping peak-time stomper – a great original track.

Blak Nite – Warhol by Mr HBF

And to finish off “Rhapsody” tantalises more melody, although the pulsating variety. Repetition infects the track from the start – raising the sense of anticipation – a cacophony of noise converges and then almost out of nowhere the groove appears. One thing we must applaud Blak Nite for is the originality of the music. Schizophrenic without a doubt but it just makes you want to hear more to see where and when the grooves eventually appear.

Grab the final track “Rhapsody” for free and enjoy a producer that is truly pushing the boundaries of what is musically acceptable.

If you like the cut of his gib, there will also be a very limited pressing of 50 CD’s, each with completely unique artwork.

HBF Rating 8/10

Blak Nite – Rhapsody


Grab here.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.