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Booka Shade’s last long play More was a mixed bag, some of the tracks were the finest the German duo have produced, tracks like “Regenerate” and “This Is Not The Time” but some of them just didn’t quite hit the spot. Beautifully made, but some odd productions decisions tainted the CD – “Havanna Sex Dwarf” were looking at you.

But, we haven’t ditched our favourite German duo, we’re even going to see them at the Warehouseproject, and they’re currently on tour in America. Check them out if you haven’t done so before.

Anyway, they’re are giving away two 320 quality tracks for free, not their usual style, not sure Germans are big fans of free. They’re giving away their own 10-minute epic remix of their new track “Teenage Spaceman” – probably one of their finest remixes, everything we come to know and love about their production. It’s a fine blend of dramatic techno-pop, combining warm synths, muddy bass and playful percussion. A proper epic track.


Grab here.

And to top that, they’re also giving away the Sei A Synth remix. He’s a producer from Glasgow, and he’s done fine job indeed – taken it down the tech-house root, but just as good as Booka’s, if not better. But with a more deeper perspective.


Grab here.

(Photo: Tim Dobrovolny)

And a couple from Booka Shade album “More”.

11 This Is Not The Time by Booka Shade

03 Regenerate by Booka Shade

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