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The Amplifetes could well be ones to watch 2010, hailing from somewhere in Sweden, their first EP looks to marry garage-pop, electro and punk together and produces a great piece of music.

They see themselves as a “dreamteam collaboration of influences” citing acts and genres like; 60s Psychadelia, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello and Chicago house. A true motley crew of influences, but it all centre around the dance-floor.

They recorded all most of their material remotely over the internet, due to the bandmembers being set up in two different cities, most of the writing and recording took place late at night and they only properly met during the final mixing sessions.

We have a few tracks to share, starting off with ‘It’s my life’ which was used in the promo campaign for Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli.

The Amplifetes –  Its my life


Download here

And their latest single ‘Whizz Kid’ which comes with a rather nifty video.

The Amplifetes – Whizz Kid


Download here

The Amplifetes – Whizz Kid from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.

Andrew Rafter

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