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Kitsuné are celebrating the birth of a new baby in the Kitsuné family, he’s called Yumé – which is ‘dream’ in Japanese – this has led them to create the baby friendly Kitsuné Maison 9.

When they conceived the CD – they were breastfeeding their young child in the room next door, so it’s no surprise that Yumé has had an influence on their new Kitsuné Maison compilation.

It’s rested, serene and more contemplative, with a selection of songs that are more Sunday afternoon than Saturday night, more green tea than alcopop.

One of our favourites comes via Yuksek – he may have forgotten about the baby and produced the hardest track of the bunch, called Supermanz, it’s typifies his vocoded vocal work.

We loved the serenity of Washed Out – who are leading the ‘glo-fi scene’ not really sure what it is, but it sounds nice.

We also really liked Felberg who are from Iceland, proof that their not all is bankrupt there. They might be running out of perishables but they still have melodies.

This is certainly a unique selection, and the Kitsuné household has done a great job – the influence from their new-born is all over it – and it’s certainly the most peaceful, motherly Kitsuné you’ll ever hear.

Grab it now before Yumé loses his innocence and becomes a stroppy teenager – we for one can’t wait to hear that compilation.

Release date April 26, 2010

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.